A couple of years ago, during a time of extreme emotional turmoil in my life, I happened upon Karen Elise at a Renaissance Festival.  As is she, I have always been drawn to the mystical.  Though I’ve done Tarot card readings with a degree of accuracy for others, as is often the case, I was too close to my own situations to get clear readings for myself on many occasions.  What would usually happen is that I would get the answers I wanted instead of the ones I needed.

Ms. Elise definitely gave me an accurate reading, though not a comfortable one for me to hear. What impressed me the most, though was her sensitivity and compassion in telling me things she had to have known I did not want to hear.  She did not tiptoe around the answers in the reading, but she gave them in a very caring manner.  I highly recommend her services.

– Barb McLaughlin

I have known Karen for three years and have used her talents to help me balance the stresses and events in my life.  She has helped me understand and better channel my energy by helping me understand the cards and what the readings have meant for me.  She has great insight and a wonderful understanding.

I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and the mysteries of life.

– Kirsten Hockaday

Karen is a caring and beautiful woman.  With her warm smile, honest input and glowing personality, Karen always gives more than she takes.  I leave her presence with a positive attitude and renewed spirit.

– Rachel   (Hypnosis Client)

Karen came to my spa party for 40 women, and was Quite the Hit !  Each year we have this after-holiday, stress relief party, and we asked her that night to come back again the next year!

We loved her presentation and have told her so… (but she would have known that already… wouldn’t she? 🙂 )  Fabulous addition to our party!

– Debbie L. – Overland Park, KS

I have been to Karen for both Tarot card readings and hypnosis.  I found her to be very skilled, empathic and caring.  I will certainly be back.

– Gayle L.

I have been visiting Karen’s booth at the KC renaissance festival for the last 4 years to get my Tarot cards read. She is not only a delightful person but very insightful. A few years back I found myself in the middle of a family tribulation. Looking for someone, anyone, to talk to about the situation who wasn’t already a part of it, she was just what I was looking for.

Karen is very sweet while managing to be matter-of-fact with her interpretations. No matter what brings you to Karen, her insights will not leave you wanting. I would highly recommend her for all her offered services.

– Kate

On behalf of the entire grade-school parent community, thank you so much for gracing our recent gala fund raising night with your wisdom, wonder and inspiration. Your tarot and astrology readings were the biggest hit of the gala, and the readings were right on target every time.

Parents have been talking about the guidance they received from you ever since the gala and have been thanking me for arranging your attendance and that of your amazing palm-reading friend, Sandy. Please join us again at next year’s event! Thanks again.

– Janet

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